Grow Your Aesthetic & Injectable Business, Risk Free!

Expand Your Business to the Prime Sydney Location of Drummoyne in a modern luxury clinic, without the risk of permanent overheads, set-up costs, costly machines or expensive rentals. The Géniale Lounge is a new & flexible alternative to help grow your business. 

What we do

Freedom & Flexibility, Without Lock-In Contracts or Overheads.

Géniale Lounge serves as a versatile and innovative alternative to assist in the growth of your business. When you choose our co-working clinic, you gain access to a range of exceptional features, including modern aesthetic machines, laundry facilities, WiFi access, bathrooms and showers, an immaculate lounge area, a fully equipped kitchen, a hot towel cabinet, and storage space.

Our all-inclusive premium clinic offers flexible rental options with the freedom to create your own schedule, along with membership benefits. 

We foster a nurturing environment where all supplies, including consumables and injectables, are provided. Our experienced doctors are available for consultations, medical oversight, and treatment clearance, ensuring comprehensive support for your practice. 

Want a FREE Day Clinic Rental?

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No Show - No Pay

No more worrying about those dreaded 'no-show' clients. If they don't show, you don't pay.

On-site Doctor Support

Comprehensive support from experienced doctors for consultations, medical oversight &  treatment clearance.

Fixed Commission Fee

We make money, when you make money! Our model is a simple flat rate of 20% of revenue to cover all inclusions.

All-Inclusive Premium Clinic


-Hot towel cabinet
-Laundry facilities
-Wifi Access
-Bathrooms and showers
-Immaculate lounge area

Doctor Support

Our doctors are available for consultations, medical oversight and treatment clearance. All supplies provided, including consumables, injectables and more. Plus get certified with our Cosmetic Physician Specialist training.

No Overheads or Fixed Fees

No more worrying about large overheads if you want to go away on holidays, or during 'low season'. Utilise our rooms for a few hours, whole day, or 24/7. Use them occasionally or frequently as you like. Plus if your client doesn't show, you don't pay! Just one of the many ways we support the growth of your business here at Géniale Lounge.

Membership Benefits

Members also get a discount of the Géniale College Training. PLUS receive a further discount on any products purchased via Géniale for your treatments.


Flexible Room Use Options

You can expand your business at your own speed thanks to our selection of options. Utilise our rooms for a few hours, whole day, or 24/7. Use them occasionally or frequently.

We have therapy rooms, treatment rooms and medical rooms. We'll share offers practitioners like you a variety of resources to help you successfully expand and run your business.

We are aware that you desire more flexibility, and if you decide that you would rather not bother about the tedious details of managing your own clinic, we can assist.

Convenient Location

Reevaluate your practice approach and explore new possibilities in Sydney. Amplify your brand visibility and expand your reach. Whether you're seeking a regular room at one location every week or an occasional space at a different site every three months, Géniale Lounge offers the flexibility you need. Without committing to a fixed arrangement, you can venture into new ventures, test the market demand, and reimagine your practice area. The potential for utilizing and expanding your space is limitless, and with our growing Wellshare network, the opportunities in NSW are ever-expanding.


What they say

Marie Jones 

Cosmetic Nurse

Expanding my business to Géniale has allowed me to reach a whole new market, without the stress & outlay of opening my own clinic in the Drummoyne area.

Clara parker

Cosmetic Tattooist 

The support I receive from the on-site staff & doctors is next level! Plus the clinic itself it stunning & modern. Clients love it!

pricing & Payment options



Rent is paid in fixed amounts every day, week, or month.



Percentage Commission: Géniale  deducts a portion of the renter's overall customer earnings (negotiable).



Combination: The clinic levies a fixed rent fee AND a cut of the renter's earnings.

Learn More About Dr Mike

Dr Mike Shenouda is a specialist cosmetic, laser physician and proceduralist re-defining body rejuvenation in Australia. As the founder of Géniale Lounge, he is one of your on-site supporting doctors.

Both Dr Shenouda & Géniale Medical Laser & Cosmetic Surgery - Skin Cancer Centre remain at the forefront of advancements in cosmetic and laser procedures, utilising state-of-the-art equipment for the best results for his patients. 

Dr Shenouda’s dedication and tireless determination earned him the title “Global train the trainer” in thread facelift. You can also complete further training & studies under the guidance of Dr Shenouda through Géniale College.


Contact Information

Find us here: Géniale Lounge

Email:  (02) 9181 3999

Phone: 137 Victoria Road , Drummoyne, NSW, 2047

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