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What is the Foxy Eye Threadlift ?

The Fox Eye thread lift, also known as “Foxy Eye Lift”, “Designer Eyes” or the “Cat Eye Lift” is an increasingly popular brow-lifting treatment that gives patients a ‘cat-eye’ look. It has been made popular by celebrities such as Kendall Jenna and Bella Hadid.

The treatments use dissolvable threads to create almond-shaped eyes with a slightly flicked tail. The procedure aims to give a winged and open lift to the eye and brow – all without the downtime of surgery.

Although popular with young women, older women also view the fox eye as a subtle treatment for hooded eyes associated with ageing.

Unlike a more permanent surgical blepharoplasty, there are no permanent changes to the face and part of the eyelid is not cut away.

The treatment has a 3-in-1 type benefit in that it lifts three areas: the lateral canthus of the eyes (top corner of the upper lid), the upper eyelids and the eyebrows – all without a single incision.

  • Minimally invasive thread brow lift
  • Lunchtime procedure
  • Lifts saggy skin, instant result
  • Try the celebrity almond-eye or cat-eye look
  • Redefine the face. From $1500
  • Free consultation with Cosmetic Physician
  • 15,000 procedures Completed

Originally popular with the under 35 years olds at Gèniale, the Foxy Eye is now trending with 18 to 65 year-olds, both men and women.

Many Gèniale patients combine the non invasive Foxy Eye Procedure wth other Thread and Filler procedures.

To find out how Foxy Eye would work best for you, schedule a free consultation with Gèniale’s team of doctors.

Threadlift  procedures are less invasive and more discreet than facelift surgery. The patient is fully alert throughout the procedure, which is performed without anaesthetic. Results are noticeable almost immediately.


Foxy Eye Lift

Thread lift to create an open lift to eye and brow.

Non Surgical

Non-Surgical Procedure

Géniale’s Foxy Eye Lift treatment is a quick, painless and non-invasive.

30 Minute Procedure

Thread lift treatments are a walk-in, walk-out procedure.

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Géneale’s Cosmetic Physician Dr Mike Shenouda explains.


Dr Mike Shenouda - The Global Trainer in Facial Thread Lifts and Fillers