Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Effective and Consistent Results

Professional treatment with more significant and consistent results compared to at-home products.

Customised Treatment Plan

Assessment of the current state of your teeth for tailored treatment

How Teeth Whitening Treatment Works

Our Doctors and Aesthetic Technicians at Géniale are highly trained and experienced in the latest teeth whitening treatments.

Your whiter teeth can be an important investment in first impressions. A naturally whiter smile allows your unique beauty to shine more brightly.

Teeth whitening treatments are a proven way to brighten your smile. It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures because it’s an inexpensive solution to help enhance your appearance.

If you have stained, dull, or yellow teeth you might not smile as freely as you once did. A quick treatment at Géniale can restore your teeth’s natural white colour.


Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is safe and suitable for almost everyone. It provides patients with a predictable cosmetic outcome and can be completed in a single one-hour appointment.

Applying a whitening solution to your teeth can restore them to a dazzling shade of white in a short amount of time. The peroxide in teeth-whitening products dissolve the organic stains in the tooth to change the colour and produce a whitened effect. This is achieved by entering the tiny pores of the enamel before breaking up the stains that block out the light. More light passes through the teeth and makes them look lighter as the stains are broken into smaller and smaller pieces.

The accelerator lamp speeds up the process of the molecular breakdown of the whitening gel which makes the oxidation of the stains in the pores of the enamel.

White Teeth

Our Patient Results



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